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HayBuster 2564 BaleBuster Round Bail Straw Blower

   For more information call 888-494-4011   or Email jack@surplusequipment.com

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HayBuster 2564 Straw Blower



HayBuster 2564 BaleBuster Round Bail Straw Blower
Item Number: 
Industry:  Agriculture
Straw Blower
Manufacturer:  HayBuster 
Model:  2564 
Serial Number:   
Part Number:   
Year:  2008 
Operating Hours:   
Condition:  Used 
Quantity:  1 
Asking Price:  $23,900.00
Times Viewed:  4240 

To see a video of the HayBuster in action Click Here

Processing bales for erosion control, feeding or bedding cattle or poultry are tasks that the Haybuster 2564 Balebuster takes on with vigor and determination. The 2564ís newly designed fan, spouts and discharge conveyor combined with the Haybuster patented live floor in the bale chamber, heavy duty flail tube with 40 flails and the two stage bale loader, makes it the best processor for a multitude of jobs.

Two-stage Bale Loader: Haybusterís HD two stage bale loader not only loads bales but also carries a second bale to improve feeding/bedding/mulching efficiency.

Straw Cannon
The straw cannon will shoot straw mulch up to 100ft (30.5 m) dependent on wind and product. It works well for slopes and those hard to reach areas that are not easily accessible. Works best off the right hand side. The easy to operate, incab joy stick controls make distribution a breeze.

3-Foot Curved and Enclosed Curved Spout
The three foot (.9 m) curved spout can be rotated 360 degrees with the in-cab joystick control. It distributes mulch out to 60 ft (18.3 m) where and however dense you need it. The 3-foot curved spout will spread straw almost the same distance as the straw cannon, and has a number of different
ends to aid in distribution.

Without a Spout:
Using just the transition without any spout is useful in areas where distance (0 to 40 ft (12.2m)) is not an issue. An adaptor can be attached to the fan transition so that a 25ft (7.6m) or 50 ft (15.2m) hose kit can be used to manage mulch for those smaller jobs that require precise application or where the processor cannot enter.

Jack Hackett
Surplus Equipment Exchange
Phone: 888-494-4011
Email: jack@surplusequipment.com

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