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Reinco M65SS Straw Blower

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Reinco M65SS Straw Blower



For Sale
Reinco M65SS Straw Blower
Item Number: 
Industry:  Agriculture
Straw Blower
Manufacturer:  Reinco 
Model:  M65SS 
Serial Number:   
Part Number:   
Year:  2003 
Operating Hours:  346 
Condition:  Used 
Location:  Georgia 
Quantity:  1 
Asking Price:  $12,900.00
Times Viewed:  17160 
Jack Hackett
Surplus Equipment Exchange
Phone: 888-494-4011

Reinco M65SS Straw Blower

The Reinco M65 PowerMulcher is ideal for medium to large production sites with bale capacity for up to ten tons of hay or straw per hour, and placement of up to 85 feet. This rugged, high performance machine features improved mulch separation offering high production rates even with poor quality mulches.

The sturdy, two-piece fully adjustable feed tray extends to speed mulch delivery to the placement operator. Five acres or more can be mulched in an hour or less.


Manually fed flakes of average dry mulch results in an output of up to 10 tons per hour. Boom discharge range in still air is 85 feet.

Patented high volume beater drum (thrashing chamber) with raised inlet is contoured to eliminate debris kick back and configured to place flailing stations below line of sight.

The M65 is a self-contained, portable machine, consisting of electrically welded modular components secured with plated self- locking fasteners, mounted on a fabricated steel base.

Engine power is reliably transmitted directly via flexible coupling to the blower. Our proven direct drive eliminates chains, belts, or clutches, and puts all the engine power to work!

Fully adjustable flail stations are mounted in common on the heavy duty beater shaft. Access for flail adjustment is through hinged drum panel.

Formed cold finish steel discharge boom with center pivot bearings and formed handle bar with gas charged counter-balance spring provides responsive 60 degree control of vertical placement. Discharge assmebly mounts to heavy-duty ball bearing slew assembly for unrestricted 360 horizontal rotation. Rolling polyurethane top and bottom seals with stainless steel side wipers insure operator comfort. Extendible two piece feed tray extends and locks in position to adapt to various tailgate overhangs, then retracts for storage and transport.

Power is provide from a four cylinder, heavy-duty water cooled, Interim Tier 4 emissions certified Kubota diesel engine, equipped with 12V ignition, battery, alternator and starter, and two-year manufacturer commercial engine warranty. Supplied with dual element dry type air cleaner, governor and chaff screen as standard. Keyed ignition, hour meter, ammeter, oil pressure and coolant fault lamps are cluster mounted on the engine panel. A quick setting venier type, weather-proof throttle is mounted for operator access. Foot operated signal horn provides on site communication between vehicle operator and crew. Fuel tank capacity is 12 gallons.

Trailer frame offers fixed work deck with galvanized grip strut slip free footing and 40" safety railings. Single 5200 pound, leaf spring mounted axle, and 15" 8 ply belted radial tires comprise the running gear. Adjustable lunette eye draw bar coupler, safety chain, 1000 lb. swing jack, fenders, bumper, DOT recommended lighting, FMVSS vehicle identification and wiring connector to tow vehicle are standard.

Service provided by Epic Manufacturing - 800-638-1769

Jack Hackett
Surplus Equipment Exchange
Phone: 888-494-4011

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